Friendship and Frank Lloyd Wright

Two of our closest friends in Chicago are in their seventies. Despite the 50 years between us, we have a mutual openness and willingness to listen to one another. Last weekend they took Hadrian and I on a tour of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio. Wright called upon ancient architectural motifs and a variety of cultural styles to create his masterpieces. He studied the old and mixed it up to make something new and inspired. He arranged contrasting ideas in a way that is harmonious and beautiful. This is also the nature of our uncommon friendship with the Margolins. By being removed from our respective paradigms, we can each access an entirely different perspective on life. We are on one end or the other of a mutually satisfying exchange of wisdom. Differences in age, profession, or culture ask us to find deeper points of connection. I am grateful for those in my life that challenge me in this way.