A Breath of Fresh Air

Rehearsals lately have been...how shall I put it...a little (lot) physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. Lets just say we were ready for this weekend long before it came around. I was especially excited because Hadrian and I were finally going to get out of Chicago! I often find the best way to recharge is to step outside. Sometimes the country girl in me craves a clean-aired, green canopied, all-day-long, dose of the great outdoors.

Today we braved four hours in the car and some of the first chilly autumn temperatures to visit Starved Rock, a forest-y, canyon-y Illinois state park. We went with friends and packed a picnic. We took deep breaths of fresh air and jumped around for warmth. We discussed teaching, and music, and dams and fell silent as we looked out over the river and tried to imagine what it might have been like to be the first to discover it. Per usual, Hadrian attempted to lead a few singalongs and I tried to capture the majesty of this place with my camera.


Photo of me by Hadrian