Christmastime Consumer Blues

Hello my dear friends, I have some bad news.

I'm afraid I have Christmastime Consumer Blues.

With their marketing tricks, oh they've got me quite good.

Especially when crafted from polished rare wood,

Or something I "need" like another new knife,

Or more Smartwool socks, oh the pain, oh the strife!

It's silly and shallow, this feeling of woe,

As usually first world problems do go.

I cannot believe how these things make me sad,

Despite all the reasons I have to be glad.

That I'd get so hung up on some stuff, what a lie!

I'm chin deep in treasure that money can't buy!

I forget that I'm blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed.

I have mountains of love, please forget all the rest.

Because new shoes get old and I'll spill on my sweater.

My sister will stick with me, whatever I get her.

I've a roof overhead and good food in my belly,

A husband who loves me and even a telly.

For this holiday season: an attitude shift.

It's time to take part in some thoughtful thrift.

My love for gift giving and home making has become a bit of a burden in Christmastimes-past. The reason being that my eyes are often too big for my budget. I'm excited to explore ways to scale back on stuff this winter and put more thought and creativity into giving gifts and making our home sweet.

P.S. As much as I dislike shopping at Macy's (super overwhelming and frustrating), their holiday decorations here in Chicago are enchanting!