A Luscious Local Lunch

Hadrian and I discovered Tomato Mountain Farm through a friend about a month ago. This CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is located in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, a couple hours drive from Chicago. Since 1999 the farmers at Tomato Mountain have been growing organic produce sold at farmers markets, restaurants, stores, and to individuals. Our share is delivered to our door during the night and once a week we wake up to a gorgeous box of vegetables. Not knowing what we'll get each time makes me feel more in touch with the cycles of nature. Sometimes it’s a challenge to eat a vegetable that we’re not used to cooking (i.e. swiss chard). Sometimes we get a nice surprise like jewel bright cherry tomatoes and basil that go well with a little olive oil and fresh mozzarella. And sometimes a freak hailstorm batters the white onions so they are slightly smaller than usual, but still delicious. I am grateful that they were not wasted. In a world where most of us are not involved in the production of the food that we eat, I am reassured to see the honest bit of soil still clinging to these vegetables. 

This week we got two bags of luscious salad greens, seven white onions, five big tomatoes, a bunch of parsley and a dozen eggs. I combined the greens and tomatoes with quinoa, avocado, almonds, and cannellini beans to make some nutrient dense lunches for work. And the colors! I woke up early to snap a few photos. 

In my opinion, a diet rich in a variety of fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruit, eggs and fish pretty much covers it as far as nutrients go. Counting and balancing every vitamin, mineral, fat, carbohydrate, and protein goes a little over my head.  But just for fun, check out some of the goodness packed into my beautiful salad!