I wish I could tell you that I don't believe in make-up. That I think it's wrong to alter my raw natural beauty, and dishonest to blur away my blemishes before posting pictures of my face all over this blog. But that would be a lie. Truth is, I enjoy getting up in the morning and primping a little. I like a natural look, just a little mascara, eye shadow in neutral tones, eyebrow pencil, concealer and blush. This little self care ritual does make me feel beautiful, and when I feel more beautiful I tend to do more beautiful things and think more beautiful thoughts and yes, dance more beautifully. Which brings me to sprucing up for the stage. Taking time and care with my stage make-up not only helps my features and expression reach the audience, but also helps me focus and mentally prepare for a performance. Below, I have demonstrated how I get made up for the bright, white-washing lights of the stage. 

P.S. Be nice to your skin and remove that thick sweaty mask as soon as you finish performing. And moisturize! I like using coconut oil. It does the trick and smells amazing.


  • Begin with a clean face plus your choice of foundation. I like MAC's Studio Tech in NW20 or 25.
  • Then pencil in the eyebrows, elongating and lifting slightly.
  • Apply a thin line of white eyeliner underneath to make the eyebrows pop.
  • More white! Add a nice thick layer of bright white eye shadow from the inner lid, up to and all over the brow. Leave only the outer crease bare.
  • Fill outer crease with brown eye shadow, leaving most of the eyelid white. I like to add a little blush on the upper crease between the brown and the white. 
  • Blend.
  • Glue on those false eyelashes. To avoid sticking your eyes shut, apply a thin line of glue onto the eyelashes and then wait about 10 seconds before placing the falsies right above your real lash line. Hold for a few seconds and try to avoid fully opening  your eyes for a bit. Add a thin line of liquid eyeliner over the falsies and extend out. I draw the line to the end of my brown eye shadow.
  • More white! Add a line of white eyeliner along the lower lash line. 
  • Draw another line of black underneath the white. Try to keep this line as strait and horizontal as possible. This will make the eyes appear more open and visible on stage. I like to draw a thin line with liquid and then touch it up very lightly with a pencil afterwards.  
  • Fill space on outside of eyes, between upper and lower liner, with white eye shadow and blend.
  • Highlight with a soft white (or something much lighter than your skin tone). Brush under eyes and above cheekbones, at the center of the forehead and chin, and down the center of the nose.
  • Contour using a light brown (or something quite a bit darker than your skin tone). Use an angled contour brush to trace the underside of the cheekbone. I like to stroak from the top of the ear, down, and in (like a coma) to let the brush come naturally and lightly off below the apple of the cheek. 
  • Shade underneath the jaw bone and blend down the neck.
  • Use an eye shadow brush to shade from the insides of the eyebrows down the nose. Blend.
  • Shade around forehead, especially near the temples. My hair is really light near my hairline so I use an even darker brown to fill it in.
  • Finally add blush to the apples of the cheeks. It helps to smile during application :)
  • Add a nice bright lipstick. This is MAC's Russian Red.
  • Take a breather.
  • Do your hair, costume up, and enjoy being on that big beautiful stage, surrounded by romance and drama and soft light and gorgeous music and "lilacs". 
In costume for Antony Tudor's Lilac Garden.

In costume for Antony Tudor's Lilac Garden.