Weekend Links

I'll be spending most of this weekend on stage with the magnificent artists of the Joffrey Ballet. I'll be wielding a bow and leather vest as a huntress and glamming it up at the ball. I'll also be squeezing in some time-period dramas, deep-dish pizza, and much needed girl time with my sister who is in town. How about you? Here are a few links if you like!

 With Artur Babajanyan in John Neumeier's  Sylvia . Photo by Cheryl Mann.

With Artur Babajanyan in John Neumeier's Sylvia. Photo by Cheryl Mann.

If you're around this weekend or next, come see the show!

A little lurve

Hoping to get here soon! 

Speaking of which, good to know.

A cakelendar!


This is freaky.

This is so beautiful!