A Question

Recently, I was fortunate to catch up with a group friends that I hadn't seen in a while. We met up, exchanged hugs, and then I was asked the best question.

"So Mahallia," said my friend, "What are you looking forward to today?"

I was taken aback. This question, while simple and casual, dug deeper than the usual "how are you?". After a moment I said that I was looking forward to seeing my family soon, and to moving into a new apartment, and to performing at the Kennedy Center. But then I kept thinking about it, about all of the little things that I am excited to experience throughout the day. Like walking through beautiful D.C., and falling asleep in a comfy hotel bed, and sewing a pair of newly customized pointe shoes, and figuring out how to get a subscribe button to work on this website, and taking pictures of things, and relaxing in a hot shower, and on and on... 

What a wonderful question for putting the sparkly spark back into daily life. I'll be asking myself and all of you more often. 

 My beautiful friend Cara looking sparkly. 

My beautiful friend Cara looking sparkly.