Stopping to Smile

1. At this clear little view, because the rest of our windows are getting all foggy and drippy like they do in December.

2. At this cheery apron, because my little sister made it for me. And because I've been using it for cleaning as well as cooking lately. Somehow, wearing a pretty apron adds a bit or romance to scrubbing and folding. 

3. At these "hello dollies", because they went to school with Hadrian today and will hopefully be enjoyed by some relieved teachers tonight. Also because two additional batches ended up in the tummies of the dancers of the Joffrey Ballet this week. We are getting into survival mode over here!

4. At this thrilling book, because Hadrian and I have been taking turns reading it aloud after dinner while the other washes up, and it is sooo good! Also, I didn't throw a fit about the washing up part last night. Not even a peep. I got started right away like a big girl. Small victories! 

5. At this little green shoot, because I'm crossing my fingers it turns into a bloom before long.