Tiny Talk: Adjustments

One thing we discovered very quickly when downsizing, is that we can do without almost everything we have. With the exception of food, water, and shelter; we are blessed to be able to choose what we "need". To make this choice, we have asked ourselves constantly, "What is it that we want to prioritize at this time in our life? What do we need to make our home feel comfortable and cared for?" And most importantly, "What does not add to the joy that we experience in our home?" My philosophy for setting up our space (that Hadrian gallantly supports) can be summed up like this: "Eh we don't really need it." 

Example 1. How am I going to make this large unsightly desktop computer blend into our light little living room? And the cords? I must hide the cords! I suppose I could hang a curtain around it, or mount it to the wall and build a shelf for the CPU, or keep it in the closet and move the couch when we want to watch Netflix...

"Eh, I guess we don't really need it." We have laptops after all. Problem solved.

Example 2. Where am I going to put the suitcases! I suppose we could just keep one but then we'd have no room in our closet for the hamper. And besides, our suitcase is old and dirty...I guess I could buy a new suitcase and keep our camping bags inside of it, and maybe our dirty clothes too...

"Eh, I guess we don't really need it." We have camping bags after all. Problem solved.

Example 3. Should we bring our bed? Well it would take up half of the apartment, but it could double as a couch...but it's a little weird to have people come over and sit where we sleep...I know! A murphy bed! But that would still take up maybe a third of our living space...

"Eh, I guess we don't really need it. We'll just get a mat, fold it up during the day, and call it Japanese! Problem solved. 

Having less space has forced us to make sacrifices but also freed us from conventional expectations. We don't have a dining room to furnish properly, or an office to keep organized, or even a bed to dress in linens that are just right. And yet our space feels more beautiful and bright then it ever has. It feels downright luxurious to us. We have half the square footage of our last apartment but we have twice as much beauty and intention per square foot. 

Full disclosure: Our "bed" is really very hard. But it's remarkably easy to get used to! And it's a snap to put away in  the morning. And it's kinda romantic. It feels like by giving up our bed together, we're investing in our future somehow. For our priorities and our pocketbook at this time in our life, living small feels just right.