Shared Beauty

I've been thinking about beauty posts recently and trying to figure out why I enjoy them so much. I totally eat up the "peak inside another woman's makeup bag" posts, and the "my go-to face cream" posts, and posts about personal style. I mean, why should I care? What is my reason for caring? 

Community. The blogging world is a community and beauty posts are written largely by and about women. There is something so natural, almost tribal, about women sharing beauty advise. Sharing the way that we dress, apply makeup (or not), and otherwise care for ourselves is a way of sharing our strength. I also appreciate the discussion of "inner beauty" that I find in these posts. The grace, humility, and humor. The shining through of the soul that makes each one of us radiant. Here are a few of my favorites at the moment:

My beauty uniform on Cup of Jo.

What's in your makeup bag? on Hey Natalie Jean.

This wonderful book by Pratima Raichur.

Pretty much everything on Design for Mankind.

 Pretty much everything on Light in the Heart.

Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself.
— Deena Metzger