A Love Letter to my Strained Left Hamstring

My Dearest Hammy,

I am writing to you for two reasons. The first being, well, thank you. Thank you for supporting me at the beginning of every day of our life since I began to crawl. Thank you for growing long, at least a little longer than average so that I could pursue a career in ballet. Thank you for your strength, for your resilience, for bearing the undeniable strain our relationship has placed on you. Thanks for helping me jump high. I love it. 

The second reason I am writing is to ask for your forgiveness. I know that I've been especially hard on you lately. I have taken you for granted. I've pushed you passed your comfort zone and ignored your signs of unease. I realize that you are hurting me now not out of spite but out of necessity. You are hurting me because it's time for me to slow down and love you better. It's time for me to do my physical therapy daily without cheating. It's time for me get a massage and drink lots of water and listen closely to you. I get it Hammy. I'm working on it. 

Finally, I wish you healing and happiness. Because your pain is literally my own.

Forever yours,