Feeling the Feelings

Do you ever feel as though your emotions completely take over, leaving your rational mind useless to make sense of a situation? Well I do, all the time. Lucky for me, my husband is an extraordinarily patient man. The fact that he still asks me, “how was your day?” when I come home from work is truly an act of love. Because, more often than not, the answer to his question is not simple. You see, I feel all of the feelings. Especially when it comes to ballet. It amazes me that in a few hours, it is possible to feel inspired, bored, beautiful, insecure, powerful, energized, fatigued, frustrated, hopeful…So what is that, a good day or a bad day? Well it is certainly a full day so thats good!


Hadrian had a brilliant idea to help me manage and learn from these emotions. Each night, I write a short journal entry (specifically about my job, although this could work for other areas of life) in a table that is organized into two columns: positive and negative.

This way, when I feel a negative emotion boiling up, I can acknowledge and document it, instead of letting it eat me up inside. Then, when a few months have gone by, I’ll be able to make an objective study of my experience and figure out what, if anything, needs to change. This has become a way to honor my feelings and what they may be telling me, without being taken over by them. It has been extremely helpful. Thanks Hadrian. 


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