The Grapefruit Apeel ;)


Katherine, a dear friend of mine, has a thing for grapefruit. And not just eating grapefruit, but peeling it. She loves that this food is not only delicious but also an activity. That the chore of peeling the fruit actually adds to the satisfaction of the juicy bite at the end. 

Now, this kind of in depth analysis of citrus consumption is right up my alley. This is the kind of thing I geek out about. Peeling grapefruit and, wait for it, doing chores. 

I have a thing for chores, both the process and the outcome. For me, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a freshly cleaned apartment, to a stocked and organized fridge, to an empty inbox (the one time that happened). But I also love the Saturday afternoon spent tidying and sewing pointe shoes to the beat of We Were Evergreen or NPR. I love to pack up my computer (and my husband) and camp out at a local coffee shop to answer emails and work on blog posts. Heck, even washing the dishes can be fun. Hadrian and I have found that cleaning up in a tiny kitchen is a job for one. So if it's my turn to scrub, Hadrian will often keep me company by reading aloud or playing music. 

Chores are inevitable. And don't get me wrong, sometimes they are an overwhelming bore. Grapefruit too can get tedious, and messy what  with the rind under the fingernails and all. But the little shift of the mind from "this is a chore" to "this is an activity" makes all the difference.