A Dancer's Gotta Dance

One of the most frustrating things that I've dealt with in my ballet career is an empty schedule. The hours off, the standing in the back of rehearsal watching others dance hard, being left out of a program…at times it can feel heartbreaking and it truly tests my reserves of gratitude, grace, and motivation. But, prompted by a request to perform at a gathering of my spiritual group in San Francisco last weekend, I decided to use a few of my free hours to create something. And here’s what I realized. Moving to beautiful music, without the pressure of performance or judgement or perfectionism, is therapeutic. The negative aspects of my job are muted by movement itself. And so, might I suggest, if you are not being given a dance to feed your soul, give it to yourself. Don’t worry about originality or edginess, leave the pointe shoes behind, choose some beautiful music, and just spin around to it. You will be reminded of how much you love it. And how good it is for you. And how it can build you up even more powerfully than it can break you down. And eventually things will pick up. Everyone has their time to shine. But in the meantime, a dancer's gotta dance. 

Music: How Great Thou Art by the Piano Guys