I have always loved to rearrange my living space. Growing up in a full house, I cherished whatever little nook was available to call my own. I have especially fond memories of the one glorious year I had a whole room all to myself. I relished the possibility of endless furniture arrangements, and took pride in placing my possessions just so. I delighted in hanging new curtains and waching them swell and fall with the breeze. With each new decision I made about my room, I felt independent and energized. I still take joy in the rejuvenating atmosphere of fresh space. I love the airiness of newly exposed floor, the change in color of a piece of art placed differently, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from making my home more than what it was. So if you'd like to see, here are some photos of our tiny apartment as it is right now. However, give it a few months and I'll probably be itching to roll up my sleeves and start all over again. Here's to change, and home, and just a smidgen of OCD.