Questions About Clothes

For this Autumn weekend, a "make believe" wardrobe, inspired by the series Growing a Minimalist Wardrobe on Reading my Tea Leaves. These words of Erin's really struck a chord with me:

"I'm an admirer of clothes, often from a distance. 

When I do make the leap to make a purchase, I try to make the few clothing purchases that I make count in as many ways as possible. (I've mentioned this before.) I set my expectations sky high. I want my clothes to be long-lasting. I want them to be beautifully designed. I want them to make me feel beautiful. I want them to be easy and comfortable. I want them to have limited impact along the supply chain. I want to support small and independent companies as often as I can. Sometimes I can afford the clothes that make my cut. More often I can only admire them.

Far more important than how many (or few) clothes I have in my closet is making sure that what I do have I actually put to good use. And with a few happy accidents that stand as exceptions to the rule, the clothes that I put to best use are the clothes that I've first admired from a distance."

What clothing makes me feel my best? What is a reasonable price to pay for high quality? What is the ethical cost of low quality? What do I want to support with my money? What adds joy to my life? What can I do without? What the heck is my style? Why does it matter? How do I use my love of artisan goods to serve myself and others, rather than letting it use me?

These are all questions I've been asking myself. I don't have definitive answers for any of them, but Erin does. In reading her blog I feel I have found a kindred spirit when it comes to managing the "stuff" in life. Her passion for slowly procuring objects that are functional and beautiful without compromising the lives of others is inspiring. The idea of first admiring from a distance seems like a wonderful exercise in refining personal taste and practicing patience. The patience to wait, to admire, to get really comfortable with not buying anything at all.