Stopping to Smile

1. At this cozy scarf, because I brought it back from Iceland in July and it's been reminding me of our summer trip while keeping me warm.

2. At this book, because it's written by my favorite blogger and filled with lots of simplifying gold. 

3. At this Bella, for keeping me honest and laughing. A few times a day during my visit with my family, my sister would catch me smiling or frowning or lost in thought. "Hey Mahallia," she'd say cheekily, "are you stopping to smile right now?"

4. At this beautiful card, because it was made by my Grandma and it's a keeper.

5. At these pretty cyclamen, for adding a little cheer to the winter and for juxtaposing so nicely with the frosted windows. 

Other things worth stopping for:

This house tour. The inspiring apartment of my favorite blogger. ^

The truth about minimalism

#balletmoods. Priceless.


Look. See. React. 

Interview with a toddler. Haha!

When Breath Becomes Air.