Audition Mission

Having a little sister who also dances is very special to me. Our five year age difference offers us both valuable perspective on our separate paths. There have been times when I haven't been the best example to her; moments of melodramatic dismay over gaining a few pounds in the summer, ungraceful frustration at chances given to someone else. But in the moments that I am able to help her, to offer a bit of advice or debunk a self-conscious worry, I feel so grateful that my experience might be used to aid hers. She is heading into audition season like many other hopeful dancers. I made up the following ditty as a little note of encouragement for Rohima. She said she didn't mind if I shared it here, so here it is: 


Quick feet, hopes leap, 

Rapid prayers with each heart beat.

Pulling up all reserves of strength,

Eyes with life, live each length. 


Each moment here, each moment gone, 

A thousand hours of devotion long.

Look down, you'll see your calloused toe,

Look up that might your fierce soul show. 


Sweat and tears, I've been there too.

Your fears won't last as long as you do.

This caught breath time, the waiting weeks,

Will soon exhale reward so sweet.