The Good Stuff

I am at sitting at my keyboard, fingers poised, trying to turn my negativity into something worthwhile. Lately I've been feeling annoyingly low on humor and frustrated at work... but I'd like to just not talk about it. I'd like to give some attention to the good stuff, to the moments that have illuminated my week so far and filled me with joy, inspiration, and hope. The good stuff deserves more credit. 

For one thing, I am enjoying my second meal of avocado toast today. This one has lemon and ricotta and arugula. Joy, inspiration, hope...totally.

Also, I left my coat at home! It was a pretty goosebumpy experience, but the novelty of feeling sunlight on my bare arms trumped comfort today. 

I asked a stranger in a crowded cafe to share their small table and they welcomed me cheerfully. I am so grateful when strangers are cheerful.

I came across an old essay from a favorite blogger that mentioned her childhood Laura Ingalls Wilder obsession. Reading that she also played "laundry" and "churning butter" was life affirming.

I saw a kind person buy coffee for a homeless man. 

I wore a pair of Yumiko pants in class that I thought I'd never see again. A friend recovered them from the unused locker they disappeared into over two years ago!

Had my first professional Freed fitting. Crossing my fingers and toes.

Magic Lessons have made their way into my life. I hope they are in your life too.

I had the sweetest talk with my little sister Rohima.

We got dinner with a dear friend who has been confined to various hospitals for many months. It was so encouraging to see our beloved foodie in a restaurant again.

Extra candles and extra house plants. 

Hadrian spent last night at camp with a bunch of ten year olds, so I'm especially looking forward to seeing him after work today. Also, I reorganized our books and got my Mindy fix last night so I'm good on alone time for the next six months.

Cinderella is upon us which means daily performances by our "stepsisters". The commitment our boys bring to the role is truly inspiring.

I'm writing in this space again and it feels wonderful.

Also, the following photos were taken in the middle of a median. I think it's amazing how, if you get close enough, a busy intersection can melt into a field of flowers.

Now that I've started I could keep going. Thank you for indulging me.