Stopping to Smile

1. At this plant for being perfectly new, and its pot for being perfectly aged. 

2. At this book, for inspiring me to eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

3. At this bread, for being made by my own two hands.

4. At this teapot, for providing cup after cup of throat-soothing tea.

5. At this notebook, for being a sweet gift from a friend and for having wooden spoons on it. It is also home to my first "shitty first draft". More on that later :)

Other things worth stopping for:

Cinderella is underway! Go get your tickets!

Ten questions to ask your partner at the dinner table.

Loving this podcast about making things, growing a business, and staying true to your values.

Pining after this coat that two of my favorite ladies are wearing.

More inspiration for our dream home.

Who do we think we are?