Plate It

Plate it. A suggestion. A nod to mindfulness and wellbeing and maybe even style.

It is so easy to slap some food on a fork and into your mouth, but it's almost as easy and far more satisfying to "plate it".

I've resolved to make (most of) the food that I eat not only healthful, not only home cooked, but also beautiful. It takes only a few more seconds to add a sprig of green or find the right-sized bowl. It takes only a moment of extra thought to place napkins and a candle on the table. Paying attention to these details turn what would be merely an act of feeding into a ritual. I find that sitting down to a beautiful plate of food completely changes my experience of it. I naturally fall silent before I eat, filled with pride and gratitude for the meal I've made. I eat more slowly and savor the taste. I finish satisfied and energized and a bit more ready for whatever comes next.